Monday, October 17, 2005

Farewell song to ECUSA

Leavin’ ECUSA
(to the tune of Sloop John B, with apologies to the Beach Boys )

My whole family and me,
Worshipped with the COE,
Genuflectin’ away
And scoffin’ at Rome.

We didn’t know
Just how quick we would go.
Ahh, this church is so broke up,
I can’t call it my home.

At first, things didn’t seem big
And I didn’t wanna sound like a prig,
So I kept all my doubts to myself
And I just went along.

I didn’t mind women priests,
Just couldn’t care in the least,
We’ll just take the collections
And keep on singin’ our songs.

Then all the powers that be
Started dissin’ the Great Trinity.
They even called into question
Christ’s duh-vin-i-ty.

No objections came up
From the local Bishop.
And we found ourselves wonderin’,
How can such things be?

I saw their Druid Eucharist.
Saw they marched with abortionists.
Saw how they went and made holy

Time to take down the flag
When the bishops wear drag.
I think I’m now ready
For some new scenery.

We don’t need to be glum;
Can go join the Continuum,
Or we can find us some shelter
‘Neath a Maronite dome.

Try a mass Tridentine,
Check out things Byzantine,
But this church is so broke up,
We’re gonna find a new home.

My apologies; perhaps I’d best stick with the day job.