Thursday, October 13, 2005

'American Girl' Assailed for Teaming with Pro-Abortion Charity

Perhaps their next “American Girl” will be named Butch

(AgapePress) - The spokesperson for a pro-family group says she was disturbed to find that a toy manufacturer esteemed by Christians has joined with a pro-abortion, pro-lesbian group. And a Chicago-based pro-life organization is hinting at a boycott against that toy maker if the partnership is not dissolved soon…

Kathryn Hooks, director of media and public relations for the
American Family Association, says American Girl has long been treasured by Christians for emphasizing traditional family values with their dolls. But now, Hooks notes, American Girl has partnered with a charitable group called Girls Inc. to sell a bracelet known as the "I Can" Band. Under the arrangement, American Girl is donating 70 cents of every bracelet purchase ($1) to the charity, as well as a $50,000 lump sum.

Good grief. My daughter collected the American Girl dolls when she was a child, and my wife and I were happy as clams with the values they seemed to reflect. The dolls were accompanied by a series of books that described life in the corresponding historical period, and they were all pretty good. I guess things have gone downhill since they sold out to Mattel.

It is such a pity that you no longer seem to be able to trust any company or institution. Most large companies, including my own, will fall all over themselves to be considered “progressive” by those they see as cultural leaders, and really don’t care how much of the public or how many of their own employees they irritate or offend in the process. And the porn merchants media is even worse. Even when Beloved-but-Expensive Daughter was young, I remember surfing from channel to channel on the television looking for a show that wasn’t filled with sexual innuendo or crudities. We finally gave up and turned to the nature show on PBS…just in time for the first-ever films of the mating act of the Great Sperm Whale. Yeesh.