Friday, October 14, 2005

Whacked Anti-Catholic Iconoclasm


I cannot remember where I got the original link for this wacko (his name is Jack Chick), but I believe it came from one of the Catholic blogs at St. Blog’s Parish.

I really like the part where “IHS” is supposed to refer to “Isis, Horus, and Seb!” You can see the whole strip here – it describes the host as “The Death Cookie!” You can find a whole lot more by surfing around at this guy’s homepage. After reading his stuff, I could use a few prayers – my jaw dropped clean to the floor, and may require surgery. Luckily, they think they can take care of my raised eyebrows with Botox.

Personally, I am really looking forward to this Sunday’s death cookie. I was out of town and missed church last week, and I just don’t feel right going that long without the Eucharist. Guess I’ve been really brainwashed by the Evil Satanic Clergy.

Seriously, I wonder how this kind of anti-catholicism gets started and maintains itself. It goes way past anything the leaders of the Reformation had in mind, and it results in people spending more time making a big point about what they aren’t instead of paying attention to what they are intended to become. I guess it is the logical conclusion of a radical sola fide combined with a radical sola scriptura.