Friday, July 25, 2008

Mozilla Thunderbird is Smarter Than I Am

On my office laptop, I use Mozilla Thundebird as an email client for my personal email as well as my usenet newsreader - reserving MS Outlook for the official purposes of The Firm. On my personal email, I receive a subscription to the Daily Email Bulletin from Ekklesia, a wildly liberal Anglican organization in the UK, so I can keep an eye on what the pseudo-Christian Bolsheviks and Leftover Hippies are thinking.

Today, the sidebar had a link to an article, " Cautious welcome for agreement on illicit small arms trade." As someone who regularly trades in small arms and doesn't consider himself particularly illicit, I wondered what the heck this was about and clicked the link.

Up popped an warning box saying "Thunderbird thinks this message is a scam ... Are you sure you want to visit"

I asked myself whether I could, in good Christian conscience, claim that anything from Ekklesia was not a scam. Upon reflection, I just couldn't do it. Clicked "No," closed the email, and went on to something else. Mozilla Thunderbird probably saved me from an explosive rise in blood pressure and a possible stroke.

It's not every day that software saves your life. I've gotta recommend Mozilla Thunderbird - what a perceptive little piece of artificial intelligence! Way to go, developers!