Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Roman Commentary on the COE Synod Decision

Diogenes on the Church of England synod's decision to (attempt to) ordain women bishops:
In a display of spirited independence comparable to the Soviet Agricultural Congress of 1951, the Church of England has voted to approve women bishops. This decision, much like that of the Society of Jesus in 1995 to embrace gender-inclusive language, is expected to send shock-waves throughout the world of aromatherapy and to have consequences extending into the August issues of The Tablet and beyond.
I almost said "decision to embrace women bishops." Fortunately, being the sensitive, new-age, post-modern guy person that I am, I caught myself before employing such sexist, misogynistic imagery. Besides, have you seen any of those babes persons? I mean embrace? Fuggedaboudit.