Friday, September 14, 2007

Evangelist Sends Tape to Osama

What's good for the goose (from WorldNet Daily)...

An American television evangelist has turned the tables on al-Qaida terrorist leader Osama bin Laden - sending him a video message warning him to repent of his sins and convert to Christianity.

"Osama, since you seem to be a fan of video messages, I thought this would be the best way to communicate with you," says Bill Keller, host of the Florida-based "Live Prayer" TV program as well as in a message being posted to YouTube and 20 other major video sites in the U.S. as well as some 50 in the Middle East.

Keller said his goal was to reach out to bin Laden with a message of salvation.

"Look at you, look at your life," Keller says. "You live like a hunted goat in caves, totally dependent on a small group of people for your survival. At any moment, one of those you trust could betray you like Judas betrayed Jesus and your life would be over. The false prophet you follow, Mohammad, was poisoned to death by one of his wives."

Keller continues: "It is against the most basic standard of good and evil that your life, Osama, will be judged by historians and future generations to be one of pure, unbridled evil."
Keller has harsh words not only for bin Laden, but for Islam, as well.

"You followed the same path as the false prophet you have put your faith in - Mohammad - who, like you, was once a businessman, but who history has recorded was nothing more than a murdering pedophile who led men's souls to eternal damnation with the false religion he created," Keller says. "Islam is a 1,400-year-old lie that was born out of the voice of Satan - literally. Mohammad was correct when he stated it was Satan who initially spoke to him. He dreamed up his own god, Allah, a poor imitation of the God of the Bible, and inspired his own holy book, the Quran, a cheap imitation of the inspired, inerrant Word of God found in the Bible."

[...] "There are no virgins waiting for you in Paradise when you die, only Satan and the everlasting punishment of hell," said Keller. "The good news I have come to deliver to you is that you, yes, even you Osama, can escape God's wrath. He loves you so much, that He sent Jesus to die for your sins, all of them, every last one! Yes Osama, even you can be saved and enter into the Glory of Heaven. Not some fictitious place called "paradise" with women waiting to have sex with you, but the home of God where you can find eternal peace and rest when your life on this earth is over."
Turnabout is apparently no longer fair play in these once-free United States of America. Keller's program was jerked off the Tampa CBS afiliate after complaints from CAIR - the Council of American-Islamic Relations.

Keller is an odd duck, but I'm not sure his arguments rise to the level of being worthy of censoring.

Islam is de facto the untouchable religion now in American society. CAIR can wield the veto over what goes on the airwaves, despite the fact that it's first director, Hihad Awad, was a public supporter of Hamas, raised funds for a Hamas front group in the name of 9-11 relief, and has had three associates indicted on terrorism charges since 9-11.

On the other hand, Kathy Griffin can say of her Emmy, "Suck it, Jesus. This award is my god, now!" and Hollywood will spring to her defense. They are indeed not broadcasting her comments on the telivised version of the awards show, but she is suffering little if any blowback. One wonders what would have happened to her had she said, "Suck it, Allah?" I can only guess.

Oh well, it's not like it wasn't all predicted...