Monday, February 16, 2009

On a Kinder, Gentler Note

From OneNewsNow:
The new president of HCJB Global says the Christian radio ministry now has an estimated seven million mostly-Muslim listeners in North Africa and the Middle East.

Wayne Pederson says the Arab world is full of "lost people who need Jesus, and they're getting tired of a message of hate and are looking for a message of love." He says that through HCJB radio broadcasts, the gospel is penetrating Muslim societies -- so much so that entire households, and in some cases entire villages, are converting to Christianity.

"When Jesus came, He didn't just preach. He healed. And so we want to do both -- preach on the radio and heal through our healthcare. People in that part of the world are coming to Christ as households, as communities. Entire villages are coming to Christ together," he notes.

"Each household has seven to eight people in a household. So we're saying conservatively, we've got seven million listeners. In a huge Muslim section of the world, you've probably heard stories of how the gospel is penetrating that society. An independent survey has found that we have a million households a week listening to our broadcast in North Africa and Middle East."

Okay - I came across this tidbit right after my previous post mentioning ecumenical dialogue via B-52. Although I can still do the math, I quit believing in random coincidences quite some time ago. God rubbeth mine nose in the unclean soil of mine rants. This guy Pederson and his organization have the proper Christian approach to "what to do about Islam," and - of course - it bears fruit. I stand chastised, and grovel before the Throne of Judgment.