Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scandal of Particularity?

The Observer at Boston College qualifies for an entry in the you-just-can't make-this-up files:

Returning to school for the Spring semester, some professors were shocked to learn about a new university policy that added crucifixes to every classroom on campus over the winter break. Calling the crucifixes and Catholic icons offensive at a Jesuit university, at least one professor is refusing to teach in classrooms adorned by a crucifix even if he should have to move his class to a dfferent room at his own expense.

Well, as a Jesuit university, I guess BC lives up to modern Jesuit standards of faithfuness to the Catholic Church. Do the good professors at BC understand the meaning of the word "laughingstock?"

It should have been a giveaway that BC decided to label the Christmas holidays as "winter break." Since a number of Traditional Anglican churches are currently pursuing communion with the Roman Catholic Church, perhaps it would be a fair trade to give the Jesuits to the Episcopal Church. They could simper and mince around well together.

Note: the above image is of a Jesuit-sponsored "monument to Peace" somewhere in Canuckistan, that symbolizes 12 extant religions. Don't know why they didn't include Santeria - of course, nobody knows what's buried in the base of the monument.