Monday, June 23, 2008

Planned Parenthood Goes Upscale

From The Chronicle of Philanthropy (say what?):

Planned Parenthood is building new, more stylishly appointed health centers as part of an effort to attract more-affluent victims patients and increase its revenue, but some critics say that Planned Parenthood is drifting away from its original mission, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Planned Parenthood has built two large new health centers, with at least five more on the way, and has opened more than two-dozen “express centers,” which offer faster service and sell merchandise. Many of the centers are located in suburban shopping malls.

Last year, the organization altered its mission statement, which used to say that all individuals have the right to “reproductive self-determination” regardless of income. Its statement now reads that the group will “leverage strength through our affiliated structure to be the nation’s most trusted provider of sexual and reproductive health

Claire Keyes, an abortion provider in Pittsburgh, criticized the move, saying, They’ve made a decision to go after the young and the hip and the affluent, and they’re leaving poor women behind.”

But Planned Parenthood says that by attracting people who can afford to pay full price out of pocket for services and contraception, the organization can afford to support health care for poor people, sex education for teenagers, and advocacy work. The group generated $1-billion in revenue in its most recent financial report and has $115-million in surplus cash.
Words fail me - a phenomenon which doesn't occur very often. An "express center" in the shopping mall? What are they going to call it? How about some catchy name like Ex Utero? Or Kwik Slurp? Instead of wasting gas on multiple errands, you can get your hair styled, your nails groomed, and your uterus vacuumed in one fast trip.

By the way, a gigabuck in revenue and 115 meg in cash is pretty good for a "non-profit" organization.

Agnus Dei, qui tollit peccata mundi, miserere nobis!