Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Last Supper According to PETA?

From WorldNetDaily:

A controversial new public relations campaign by animal-rights group PETA proclaims Jesus Christ to have been a vegetarian, and portrays the Last Supper – complete with 12 "disciples" including Beatle Paul McCartney and lesbian country-music singer k.d. lang - as a spectacle meant to inspire mankind to forsake eating meat.

The outreach has been built into a 28-foot 1955 Silver Streak Airstream trailer wherein the "Last Supper" is re-created, surrounding Jesus with famous vegetarians, officials of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals told WND.

Oh yeah. I’m sure that will work for me just as well as it will work for other orthodox Christians. If my wife wasn’t planning on cooking a steak tonight, I’ll make sure she does now. It may be Lent, but this requires an immediate response which I think takes precedence.

Are these guys so clueless that they think this will actually appeal to their (apparent) target audience? If it is just supposed to make fun of Christianity to humor their Hollywood Bolshie friends, they ought to recall that those folks eat tofu already.