Friday, September 08, 2006

Bible Codes? Shaddupaboudit!

Italian police are seeking help from the American FBI in an effort to decode a secret message which, they believe, Mafia boss Bernardo Provenzano may have hidden in a family Bible.

Italian prosecutors have been unable to interpret the extensive notes that Provenzano kept in the Bible. Theorizing that the notes may have been messages to other Mafia leaders, they have sent the Bible to the FBI to be examined by cryptology experts.

Provenzano, believed to be the top leader of the Mafia, was arrested in April at a home in Corleone, Sicily. At the time of his capture he had five copies of the Bible in his possession, including his own annotated version. He quickly asked to have that copy brought to him in jail. (Police declined that request, giving him a plain edition instead.)

Italian authorities suspect that the copies of the Bible could have been used as a means of passing messages among Mafia leaders, including those behind bars, since prisoners are routinely allowed to have a Bible.

Well, this is certainly represents a distinct change in the tenor of the Bible Codes – from “Yitzhak Rabin: an assassin will assassinate,” to “Big Louie gonna sleep with the fishes.” So whatsamatta? Yo, if it’s good enough for da Big Guy, it’s good enough for da Familia! Capice?