Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Man may face charges for killing "baby"

The quotes around "baby" are there because I refuse to call the victim a “fetus.” The following article is equally schizophrenic in its wording.

From The Grand Rapids (Mich.) Press :
WYOMING -- A man who allegedly beat a pregnant prostitute could face additional charges if the woman's baby, born premature after the attack, dies, police said.

Gary Walker, 25, remains in the Kent County Jail charged with multiple felonies including a 10-year charge for injuring a fetus.

Police said Walker beat the prostitute so severely he tore away her baby's placenta.
The baby boy weighs just over two pounds and remains in critical condition.

Walker allegedly told his victim he would kill her if she told anyone what had happened, then dropped her off in an alley near Saint Mary's Health Care in Grand Rapids.

Wyoming Police Detective Lt. Paul Robinson said prosecutors would revisit the charges if the baby dies.

Okay, I certainly have no problem with locking this vermin loser person up and throwing away the key. He is also certainly in need of our gunfire prayers. However, the irony drips in the fact that what the guy did is (properly so) a crime. However, had the woman deliberately killed the child, it would merely be a “choice.” Doesn’t anybody find something wrong with this picture? Our society isn’t evil; it is insane. Or perhaps evil is a form of insanity, and - the greater evil grows - the less it becomes distinguishable from psychosis.