Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shelter in the Storm

A website called Shelter in the Storm is constructing a list of theologically sound churches throughout the USA for Episcopal refugees who are looking for, well, shelter. If you are currently searching for someplace to go, check it out. If you know of a sound church that should be on the list, let “Grannie Kay” know at the email below. I’ve made sure both my favorite Austin churches are included. I should add that “theologically sound” covers a wide variety of orthodox Christian attitudes and viewpoints, from Orthodox-with-a-capital-O to bells-and-incense Anglo-Catholic to low-church Reformed to thoroughly evangelical.

Per the statement on the site:
The following is a list of "safe" churches that worship in the Anglican style.
If you know of any other traditional/orthodox Churches to add, please send the following information
  • Church Name & Affiliation

  • Address, zip code and phone number

  • email & URL for church website

  • Name of Priest/Pastor/Rector