Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Webring for Continuing Anglicans

Please notice the link to the Continuing Anglican Webring underneath the list of bloglinks in the sidebar. This is a growing list of websites associated with continuing churches and bloggers, set up by Continuing Home (to whom much appreciation is due). I encourage all to browse these sites, and to add their own as applicable. During our particular transient slice of history, that which is known as Continuing Anglicanism is an alphabet soup of individual denominations and dioceses with far more in common than holds them separate. Even the smallest movement towards union and communion is a step in the right direction, lest we all wind up schisming and separating into that ultimate Protestantism of “The Church of Me and You and I’m Not Really Sure About You.”

And, while you’re perusing the sidebar, how about scrolling on down and adding yourself to my Frappr map of visitors to this lowly site? You won’t start getting spammed, and no large hairy guy named Bruno the Beast will show up at your door to demand money.