Monday, August 21, 2006

Naked Rain Dancing

From Nepal News:
Dozens of rural women in the southwestern district of Kapilvastu have stripped naked and ploughed their fields in a desperate attempt to appease the rain god following continuous draught.

[...] Reports said the women made high-pitch cries, which is part of the ritual, as they worked in their fields. No men were allowed around during the naked ritual.

[...] Paddy plantation has been badly affected in Terai areas due to insufficient rainfall this monsoon. The Department of Hydrology and Meteorology in Biratnagar has said only 149 mm rainfall was recorded in the month of June in Terai region as against the average of 321 mm previous year while there was 354 mm rainfall in July as against 528 mm of last year.

Okay. I am not advocating pagan rituals, and this one frankly sounds a little Lovecraftian. Living in Austin, the Barking Moonbat capital of Texas, however, I am surprised a similar event has not been officially sponsored by the City Clowncil Council as a "Festival." This summer has had little or no rain, and August has been largely 100+. The giant cockroaches are knocking on the door at night asking for water, and the deer are draining my water gardens. Even the geckos on the back porch ceiling are looking a little scrawny.

There is one question I have as a (former) professional biologist which I cannot get answered. If it is this dry, how come we have so many mosquitoes? Where the heck are they breeding? It looks like they are coming out from under some groundcover, but it is pretty dry under there as well.