Monday, November 07, 2005

The Schadenfreud Song

To the tune of Edelweiss (from Sound of Music)

Schadenfreud, schadenfreud,
Buses and cars in the streets blaze.
France in flames;
Chirac plays games.
The Moslems won't follow French ways.

Schadenfreud, schadenfreud.
Germans, Belgians, and Danes quake.
Fearing riots
Every night.
Lying awake while the glass breaks.

Schadenfreud, schadenfreud.
What became of appeasement?
Islamic youth
Reveal the truth.
Europe’s culture’s in descent.

Schadenfreud, schadenfreud.
Assimilation’s not workin’
The lads aren’t bad;
They just want Jihad
And each French lass in a burqa.

Sorry – that is totally unChristlike, but sometimes I just can’t stop myself. I try to get in touch with the tragedy, sadness, and senselessness, I really do. Then I just can’t help cracking a grin. I need to go to confession.