Monday, May 21, 2007

Jesus the Extraterrestrial Time Traveller

The following article from The Canadian for Monday, May 21, 2007, may force me to retire the Barking Moonbat Award

Researchers suggest that Jesus may have been a descendant of Black human being-looking Extraterrestrial time-travellers. Indeed, Jesus had been depicted as being black by Christians, until the Church Establishment was seized by latent racist ideology. Jesus was essentially "whitened" to match the skin pigmentation of the elite cliques of Europe who sought to enslave peoples of African ancestry. By whitening Jesus, elites cliques of Europe sought to manipulate African peoples into worshipping the conquerors.

But you may ask, what does it really matter if Jesus was black, white, or Filipino for the matter? It matters, because researchers suggest that the whole apparent image and purpose of Jesus, including pivotally his skin pigmentation, was re-constructed, as a basis for a broader context of mass-deception.

Indeed, the way in which Jesus is appreciated could be viewed to be an axiomatic mass-deception context in human history. It was socially engineered to mislead humanity into its prevailing course self-destruction. The image of Jesus was used to create an organized religion, which was then used to create Western governments with historical links to modern Christianity.

The power of these institutions was then used to spread oppressive Empires, which led to the birth and development of Big Business interests, that now operate as part of a globalized military-religious-political-industrial complex.

The dissembled image of Jesus, (as a white "saviour" and "son of God", that in turn supposedly created human beings in "God's own image"), was used to construct the global capitalist system. The elites of Christianity used accompanying notions of "sin" and dogma to help corral people like sheep, into worshipping what Gnostic disciples of Jesus referred to as the "false God", which is associated with a demonic consciousness.

Research suggests that alleged Extraterrestrial ancestors of Jesus, were aware of destructive course of Earth, which continued during the Old Testament era, allegedly travelled back in time, as an attempt to spiritually inspire Earth humanity as "teachers", out of its course of self-destruction.

This meta-historical allegation, claims that Jesus who was cited by Gnostics as claiming that he "came from the sky", is an Extraterrestrial from the Sirian star system, approximately 1,000 years from now (3,000 years ahead of his linear time documented in the Bible). His alleged mission was to spiritually inspire Earthbound humans in a manner which would awaken their human psycho-kinetic healing, and other related spiritual abilities. As this occurred, it is further alleged that Manipulative Extraterrestrials also travelled through time to exploit and oppress humanity. This was apparently executed by genetic manipulations and otherwise.

The alleged mission of Jesus, as indicated by alleged contacts with Ethical Extraterrestrial messengers, was to attempt to heal their own time lines by redressing the attempts by Manipulative Extraterrestrials to manipulate and exploit time-space and consciousness in our universe.

Humans who claim to have had contact with Ethical Extraterrestrials further allege that "In the future, there are populations of human beings which are on the same level of spiritual awakening as Jesus is, or even higher. These human contactees allege that "what is even going on now is considered real galactic history, events that have and will happen, since all we are talking about is time travel."

Alleged ethical Extraterrestrial testimony, suggests that as a "Sirian, Jesus is not white in body but of an Extraterrestrial blue race, which on Earth today is known as the black race." These alleged Extraterrestrial contacts further claim that the "black human race are the supreme guardian races of all known star systems in our realm and even on Earth."

Furthermore, "the black race is known as the elder spiritual race or caretaker of the universe and planets. Every other human race are called the younger sibling human caretaker race of universe and planets."

"The Sirians are the elder human race and species and every other human race or star system is called the sibling race besides the Vegan Star system, the origin of the human species and civilization," Ethical Extraterrestrial contactees further allege.

I stand in awe. Any comment I might make would only detract from the sheer majesty of the original post. I don't even know which parts to highlight.