Monday, April 30, 2007

If You Don't Want tha Answer, You Shouldn't Have Asked the Question

From The Daily Mail (UK):
Leading scientists are today expected to back a major expansion of nuclear power as a way of saving the world from global warming.

Other measures in a United Nations report include the use of GM (GM = Genetically Modified – ed.) crops to produce biofuels and the "capture and storage" underground of harmful CO2 gases.

More than 2,000 scientists have contributed to the intergovernmental panel on climate change (IPCC) report and 400 of them met today in Bangkok to finalise it before publication on Friday. The report is the biggest to study the practical actions that could reduce emissions and its findings will play a key role in Kyoto negotiations which will take place in December.

[…] The report has also angered environmentalists. Tony Juniper of Friends of the Earth said: "Nuclear reactors are dangerous and land clearance and chemical pesticides and fertilisers used to grow fuel crops can cause huge environmental damage."

This is hilarious. The people who walk around with signs protesting global warming are, in general, the very same people who walk around with signs protesting nuclear power, corporate farming, and the use of genetically engineered plants in agriculture (frequently referred to by them as “frankenfood”).

Not being a climatologist, I do not know whether human-influenced global warming really is or is not a problem. My scientific instincts tell me it probably is, but the hysterical leftie nut cases of the world who are trying to use it as an excuse for global government are clueless. So are the Luddites, who are far more committed to locking people into a detechnologized “paradise” where life will be nasty, brutish, and short, than they are to realistic ameliorations.

Whatever the truth is about “global warming,” people want to live. “The simple life” may have some appeal to rich American libs as they look out the picture windows of their vacation homes; it is never going to fly with the people of Asia, Africa, and South America who want a better lifestyle that includes microwave ovens, automobiles, and air conditioning. China, after all, not the USA, will very soon be the number one contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

Any real solutions have to address the question of how to produce more power more efficiently – and that’s something we need to figure out whether climate change is our fault or not. There are 9 billion souls to feed, clothe, and house in this world, and neither Walden Pond nor the Marxist utopia are going to take care of that requirement. I suspect, however, that the same economic systems that gave us electric lights, telephones, and automobiles will be able to pull it off. Given the economic incentives resulting from three-bucks-a-gallon gasoline, who knows? Al-Qaeda just might (inadvertently) save the world! In the meantime, bring on both the reactors and some engineered tomatoes that don't taste like cardboard!