Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Shark Bites Lawyer

From the Palm Beach (Fla.) Post:
A prosecutor with the Palm Beach County State Attorney's office became the victim of an apparent shark attack Sunday while surfing at the Tiger Shores Beach off Hutchinson Island in Martin County.

Authorities said Adam McMichael, 29, of Boynton Beach, apparently fell of his surfboard just before 2 p.m. when a shark attacked him and tore a lange chunk of flesh from his forearm.

According to reports, two bystanders used a surfboard leash as a tourniquet and wrapped McMichael's wound with bandages until paramedics arrived.

McMichael was taken to Martin Memorial Medical Center in Stuart. He was treated for his injuries and released around noon today, according to hospital spokesman Scott Samples.

The sharkhas had its stomach pumped, and is said to be recovering; it may, however, require long-term counseling for the trauma. There is no word as yet as to whether Attorney McMichael will pursue litigation.

I thought lawyers were supposed to be immune from shark attack as a matter of professional courtesy.