Friday, February 16, 2007

Coming After the Home-Schoolers

From WorldNet Daily:
Arsenic and Christian music are two of more outlandish allegations that have been made against families whose children are homeschooled recently, according to an organization that monitors child protective services actions.

The reports show that while both threats against the families were resolved to their benefit, the cases typify just how such problems can develop.

According to the reports, from Thomas Dutkiewicz, of, the first case involved the Marrero family.

They were shocked when a social worker from the local Division of Children and Family Services visited recently, informing the family only that he was investigating them for alleged abuse and neglect of their children.

He later elaborated that he knew that the family's 12-year-old daughter had tested positive for abnormally high levels of arsenic. The family knew that, having just come from the office of a new doctor where the results were obtained. But since they knew arsenic wasn't present in their home, they had insisted on a new test already.

As members of the Home School Legal Defense Association, which advocates for and advises homeschoolers worldwide, they contacted the organization and staff attorney Thomas Schmidt contacted the social worker with confirmation that the test results were anomalous because of a simple math error.

No matter, said the social worker, the case will go on because of "other" allegations, which turned out to be claims of Munchausen by Proxy syndrome.

"Schmidt immediately wrote to the case worker and pointed out that the entire investigation was based on a lab error, and the HSLDA would have various doctors testify that all medical testing and evaluation of the children gave no evidence of Munchausen by Proxy," the organization said.

Weeks later, and after contacting the social worker's supervisor, the case was closed, officials said.

A second case arose a short time later, when a family, whose name was withheld, in the Port Huron, Mich., area was confronted by a social worker at their front door demanding entry.

The social worker crumpled a document the mother handed her explaining why she wouldn't allow her entry into the home, then yelled that she would "come in now" and do a strip search of one of the children.

The tirade had been triggered by an anonymous tipster, accusing the family of "only allowing their two boys to listen to Christian music." The tipster also said the children "ate their Cheerios dry" and got nearly all their "socialization through their church."

The tipster also claimed the children were not in school, and two children, ages 10 and 14 "were seen outside playing without adult supervision." Also, the tipster claimed, the mother "pinched and hit her kids in church to keep them quiet."

[…] Once again, the HSLDA got involved. Chris Klicka wrote to the social worker addressing the rudeness and unprofessionalism of her visit. He also noted she obviously didn’t receive her social worker training in the Fourth Amendment yet.

HSLDA, 18 months earlier, had drafted and helped persuade legislators to pass a law requiring all social workers in Michigan to receive training in their "duty to protect both statutory and constitutional rights of those being investigated."

A statement from a local doctor indicated the children weren't abused, and other recommendations were documented about the parents' parenting abilities.

Then the tipster struck again, and the social worker jumped into action, renewing her demands for a strip search of the children.

When the social worker threatened she would seek a court order, Klicka noted that anonymous tips to not rise to the level of probable cause legally, so no court order was available.

The family later was notified the investigation was being dropped.

Most of the kids in my church are or have been home-schooled. I have never before known a more self-confident, knowledgeable, poised, and prepared-for-life bunch of kids. One would imagine that society would want more of them, not try and shut them down. Not so, however.

Incidents like the above are the tip of the iceberg. In Germany, home schoolers are under threat of prosecution and a $15,000 fine, under a recently-reenacted Nazi education law. California schools mandate pro-homosexual assemblies without parental notification or right to withdraw. Christian schools are subject to viewpoint discrimination in terms of universities accepting their classes for credit. Things are likely to get worse.

What the secularists cannot accomplish through the ballot box, they seek to accomplish through other means. One such means is through exerting a monopoly over the education of the young. Home-schooled children are outside the control of the State and, therefore, both they and their parents constitute a threat to the agenda. It is a small step from being a perceived threat to being an Enemy of the State. Per William Ross Wallace, “the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.” One of the great conflicts of our times will be to determine who gets to rock the cradle.