Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Concerning Last Night

Paul, just this guy, you know, said it way better than I could. I defer to his comments.

Today is a glorious new day for...
  • Killing babies before they're born
  • Killing babies after they're born
  • Creating new babies just to kill them
  • Terrorists at home and enemies abroad
  • Tax collectors
  • People who spend tax money
  • Gay "marriage"
  • The opression of religion
  • Pro-abortion Republicans
I believe that these results mean that abortion will be entrenched in America for another generation. The Republican Party, especially here in Illinois, will be abandoning the pro-life cause for the next decade at least. Pro-life people of faith need to be looking around for catacombs to meet in. For all that I heard Nancy Pelosi, Howard Dean and Harry Reid talking about bipartisanship last night, I know that the national agenda will be set at DailyKos and We remember that "bipartisanship" in the mouth of a Democrat means Republicans adopting Democrat positions.

Our enemies are right; our nation is weak, decadent and selfish. There will be consequences.