Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A High-Caliber Liturgy

A preacher's wife was arrested after police say she pulled a gun on her husband because she allegedly was upset over text messages he had sent to a member of a church youth group.

Tammy Estes surrendered to law officers at the Pentecostal Church of God in Newport after a brief standoff at the church Sunday evening. No one was injured.

She was taken to the Jackson County Detention Center. She was expected to be arraigned Monday.

Police say a church service had just begun when Estes pulled a gun on her husband, preacher Larry Estes, about 7 p.m. According to congregation members, she was upset over messages Larry Estes allegedly exchanged with a youth group member and she demanded he admit infidelity.

[…] Larry Estes was hired as the church's minister more than a year ago. He also is the owner of DaBoyz Plumbing.
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At long last, we have a valid reason for doing the service versus populum (facing the people) instead of ad orientem (facing East). If your back’s to the congregation, you'll never know when to duck.