Friday, February 10, 2006

Mohammed-Bomb Tee Shirts

Metrospy is selling the famous Exploding Mohammed cartoon on a tee shirt. The site is overwhelmed as of lunchtime Friday, so I can’t even tell you how much they want for one.

From PRWeb Press Release Newswire: Many in the U.S however, are angered by the violence being displayed by extreme Islamic protesters -- torching buildings, desecrating flags and in some cases even killing people. Annoyed by the violent images broadcast from the Middle East, MetroSpy decided to sell t shirts with the controversial caricature emblazoned across the front.

“We can't let the terrorists win. We can not encourage this uncivilized behavior by caving in to their wishes,” said Nate Thomas, product manager for MetroSpy.

On their website, MetroSpy denounces the tactics of Islamic extremists and encourages its customers to stand up against terrorism. "Failing to print these images mean the terrorists have won", the site says.

We wanted a simple way to exercise our freedom of speech and to stand up to the terrorists. This design was perfect,” said Thomas.

Frankly, considering that they habitually portray Jews as dogs, I’m a little sick of these Islamic tantrums from the religion of peace. Has everyone already forgotten the Taliban blowing up those ancient statues of Buddha? Or the hate-dripping vitriol that passes every day for news in the Middle East, where The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is presented as a documentary? The mobs rioters lunatics terrorists arsonists peace-loving peoples of Annoyistan need to learn that what goes around comes around.

Is the Great Cartoon of the Prophet a bit tacky? Yes. Do I want to hear about it from the loyal sons of Islam? Spare me.