Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hollywood's Christian Outreach

Just in case you actually believed that Hollywood is trying to appeal to people of faith, I present the following from WorldNet Daily.

Forced to pull its highly touted new show "The Book of Daniel" last week because of charges its portrayal of Jesus was blasphemous, NBC is pushing the envelope again with news Britney Spears will guest star on "Will & Grace" as a conservative who hosts on a Christian TV network a cooking segment called "Cruci-fixin's."

The pop singing star will appear as a sidekick to the regular character Jack, who hosts his own talk show on the fictional homosexual network Out TV, which is bought by a Christian TV network. The episode will air April 13, and NBC seems determined to stir as much controversy about the show. "Will & Grace" is in its eighth and final season on the network…

It’s pretty clear that these guys are convinced they can make their dollars and ratings solely by appealing to an audience that gets its jollies from mocking stereotypes of Christianity. Who knows? They may be right. Whatever you think of TV execs, they do their programming according to the bottom line. Perhaps we’ve reached the point where anti-Christian sentiment is sufficiently widespread to provide them with the numbers they need to draw advertising. There are certainly significant subpopulations of the mainline churches, and even of Catholics, that thrive on sneering at traditional belief. I’ve met them. They can only serve to increase the scorn of Christians on the part of the general public.

For the record, Britney Spear’s last great television moment was smooching with Madonna at the Video Music Awards.