Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Prophet Profits

Jimmy Akin has posted the following protest against the ongoing corruption of the English language:

SDG here with an important public service announcement:
Please Note:
  1. Prophecy is a noun not a verb. It is pronounced "prof-e-see" — not "prof-e-sigh."

  2. Prophesy is a verb not a noun. It is pronounced "prof-e-sigh" — not "prof-e-see."

  3. Prophesize, also spelled prophecize, is not a word. Do not pronounce it.
Thank you.

Of course, anyone in the consulting business would recognize the verb "prophetize," whereby one trains the client’s employees to be prophets, hopefully leading to larger profits. To have large numbers of profitable prophets is the desired result of the prophetization process for the client, and of the profitization process for the consultant.

Failure to implement the consultants prophet making plans will result in the client being a non-prophet organization - though hopefully the consultant has already collected his profits.