Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Quote of the Week (Possibly the Month)

From the Interior Minister of Switzerland, Pascal Couchepin, on the silliness of the controversy surrounding the Pope’s Regensburg speech:

“Whoever refuses to debate, reduces religion to emotions. And you'd then end up with a priest, an imam and a Buddhist monk sitting round a campfire singing songs together. That, at least for me, is not the point of religion.”

Mr. Couchepin has obviously not spent any time hanging around a modern American seminary, where he would probably be required to sit around the campfire with an imam and a Buddhist monk and sing songs.

Someones burning, Lord, kumbaya
Someones shooting, Lord, kumbaya
Someones bombing, Lord, kumbaya
Oh Lord, kumbaya.

Save us, Oh Lord, from the devil, the Turk, and the comet. And from "modern" Christianity. Amen