Tuesday, June 20, 2006

"House of God" Changes Sides

From LifeSiteNews:

New Brunswick Right to Life has revealed in a press release that Georges Dumont Hospital is about to take up performing abortions after all other hospitals in the province have abandoned the practice.

Abortions are set to begin at the Dr. Georges Dumont Hospital in Moncton as of July 1, according to a New Brunswick Right to Life Association press release. "What had been a rumour has now been confirmed," said executive director Peter Ryan.

According to provincial law abortions will only be funded by provincial healthcare if the abortion is performed in a hospital. Last month provincial health minister Brad Green said he had found a doctor at two different hospitals to provide abortions after the end of June. The end of June is when the Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital in Fredericton, currently the last New Brunswick Hospital to perform abortions, will cease performing the procedure. 400 of the 404 hospital abortions last year in the province were carried out at the Chalmers.

"This news is like a bombshell for the Acadian people, with their strongly religious heritage," said Ryan. "The hospital's original name was Hotel Dieu - House of God. If the hospital doesn't want to be called 'house of death' now, they'd better change course." The Acadian birthrate is already very low, Ryan noted. "The last thing they need is to suppress more births. Abortion is genocidal for the Acadian people."

Well, I guess that’s why they call it the Culture of Death. It’s good to know you can always count on somebody to step up to the plate and make sure those babies don’t escape alive.