Thursday, March 02, 2006

The "It's not 1968 Anymore" Award: We Have a Winner

London, Mar. 01 ( - Catholic political activists in Great Britain planned a campaign of disobedience in London on Ash Wednesday to protest against nuclear weapons.

Members of two liberal groups, Catholic Peace Action and Pax Christi, met at the British defense ministry in Whitehall, planning to mark the building with ashes. Organizers of the protests said that they would risk arrest in an annual effort to dramatize the country's reliance on nuclear weaponry. The demonstrators said that the government should "build security through a commitment to justice and actions that recognize the dignity of each person rather than through fear and the strength of nuclear arms."

The focal point of this year's demonstration-- an annual protest that has been staged since 1984-- is public discussion of plans to replace the Trident nuclear submarines. The two Catholic groups argue that replacement of the decommissioned submarines would violate a British commitment to work for an end to the arms race, under the terms of the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Could someone please gently tell these people that (a) it’s 2006 now, (b) the Cold War is over, and (c) despite their best efforts, the Soviet Union lost. If they start to slip into shock, play Lennon’s Imagine for them a few times until they revive.