Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas

There will be light blogging (at best) over the Celebration of the Nativity. In the meantime:

  • Below, I have appended excerpts from some sermons of John Chrysostom – quite possibly the most gifted homilist since the apostles.

  • All Too Common has an interesting set of quotes from Martin Luther on the sinlessness of the Blessed Mother.

  • If you have time, could you go ahead and add yourself to my Frappr Map? Other bloggers have hundreds of entries and, as I write this, I have three. I am getting a severe inferiority complex.

A blessed and joyous Christmas to all, whatever ecclesial calendar you may follow, and may the new year bring us all closer to the love and peace of God and of our Savior Jesus Christ. And may the blessings of the Most Holy Trinity, eternal and coequal in essence, be upon us all.