Sunday, October 30, 2005

Catholic school takes a stand

American Girl's gifts to agency lead school to scrap show

A Catholic school in Waukesha County is the first non-profit group in the nation to cancel a coveted American Girl Fashion Show amid concerns that the Wisconsin-based doll company behind the show gives money to a national girls organization that presents abortion, contraception and a lesbian sexual orientation as acceptable.

News of the decision by parent volunteers and the pastor at St. Luke School in Brookfield is being reported in bulletins at Masses this weekend.

"It seemed like a match made in heaven; a motivated Catholic school and an all-American icon," Father Frank Malloy, the pastor, says in his printed explanation. "We seemed poised to raise enough funds for a new playground and a remake of the school library."

But, he concludes, "As for us, it's a bargain we'll just have to pass up. The cost is too high. Our integrity isn't for sale."
(From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal – read the whole thing here.)

I think I like Father Malloy. He and his school will no doubt take a lot of flak for this; sadly, I bet a lot of it will come from the parents of his students. He and his volunteers could have simply kept their mouths shut, followed the path of expedience, and continued to be the “good guys.” They chose the narrow path.

The only way these companies are going to quit pushing their agenda is when they finally realize that there really are more people opposed to it than in favor of it. They listen to the loudest voices; as long as we keep quiet and acquiesce, they only hear the other side.